October 24th and 25th was held in the exhibition hall of Vilafranca the eighth edition of the leisure days, Juguem !. The event was about “games”, trying to cover the maximum range of this generic term meanings, with board games, cards, role playing games, sports … and as we felt it was our duty to be part of this, we were there.


Two days where parents and children approached the magnificent hall enabled to spend some fun time, and was curious to see how not only the children enjoyed the machines that we bring to the event but parents did equally or even more (keep in mind that the arcades in Spain began in the late 70) and to see how parents explained to their children that they enjoyed these machines when they were young.


Summarizing say it was a funny weekend for both the audience and ourselves. We enjoyed a very healthy “broish”, the stand provided by the organization and shared with Ikari Hard Mods not stopped in the two days that was working; we saw the younger ones discovering those rare artifacts of the recent past called arcades, and parents remembering them; achieving this, our work this weekend is done.


Thanks to all people who attended, and to the ones that couldn’t, we wait you all to our next event, RetroBarcelona 2015. Greetings from A.R.C.A.D.E.


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