We learned that there was a double cabinet arcade that gave away if someone was going to pick it up (it would probably be thrown) and there were some members.


Apparently, a www.factoryarcade.com customer had acquired some new arcades and needed to make room, he had a videmur II and offered it to whoever who picks it up; thanks to Antonio, one of our members, that was able to contact a former co-worker who has a lighting & sound company (Tour – Serveis de sonorització i il·luminació http://www.tourserveis.com/es/index.php) who very kindly, after explaining the situation, lent a van for transportation the cabinet to our place altruistically.


We had available the van at 13:00h until the evening. So we called the owner of the machine and we met with him at 16:00h in Aribau street.

Promptly at 16h we met at the door with some members that were helping out with the move.

After planning the attack plan (the machine was on a seventh floor of a parking), we drove the van until it couldn’t go farther because the ceiling height was too close and we moved the double cabinet arcade down a ramp to reach the vehicle and host it inside the van and secure it as well as we could.

The rest has no history, back to our place to leave the cab until we have time to check it out.


An special acknowledgement to the members who came and helped make this acquisition possible. Antonio because he managed the transport and helped in any way possible, Ricardo, Jose, Fayula, David and his brother Victor because they approached to lend a hand to move the furniture.


In our media section, you can find an additional graphic document of the expedition –> Here


Special thanks to


Tour – Serveis de sonorització i il·luminació http://www.tourserveis.com/es/index.php

for lending a vehicle selflessly





and particularly Ricardo, for providing information

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