The 29th-31th May weekend at Petrer’s City (Elche, Spain) was celebrated the first Arcade Associations Convention (even though it was open to anyone), organized by Arcade Vintage based in the same city.




They were 3 days (reception on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday until noon) very intense and full of arcade content with workshops, tournaments, chats, audiovisual material, Spanish videogame development guests and especially many encounters between strangers who share a hobby, retro games.

Friday after a long journey without air conditioning from Barcelona to Elche (all other attendees was arriving throughout the afternoon) arrived to the site where we would spend almost completely the following two days on time to lunch and talk a bit with the other assistants.

Comprised of two buildings, one with sleeping quarters for attendees and several rooms for workshops and lectures just outside of Petrer. That night we made the first contact with the viewing of a documentary about retro arcade.

"Sin aire y a lo loco" Dormitoris

On Saturday it was the turn of the bulk of the workshops and lectures prepared: restoration, repair PCBs, history and present of arcade games…

In the afternoon we drove to the headquarters of Arcade Vintage, where we enjoyed all the jewels that they have there and played to extenuation.

Dinner, a movie and a documentary and again time to chat with each other about our experiences and anecdotes (this was a constant, there was a good vibe among all) including a modest party (with DJs!!!) with retro music and retro cocktails 🙂


On Sunday morning we had a relaxed workshop and a documentary, you could tell that it was almost finished. BBQ for lunch and departure of the participants, each one going to their respective homes with the suitcase full of memories and experiences of a great weekend.


Thanks to all who have collaborated with their titanic effort this weekend has been possible.

(More pictures at our gallery)

Best regards and see you on the next ARCADE CON!!!

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