From A.R.C.A.D.E. association, we want to thank everyone that came to our stand that the RetroBarcelona organization let us nicely to reproduce the old arcade rooms from the eighties, acclimating it with a soft light near the emergency exit.
We hope you all enjoyed with the consoles and the 4 restored arcade machines that we brought , a Faultless Super (Twin) with Toki and World Rally (from the catalonian Gaelco), a Naomi with Ikaruga and a Swing with Radiant Silvergun at first and Golden Axe: The Duel later.




A.R.C.A.D.E. stand

Nuevas generaciones

Old style

Ikaruga en pareja

NeoGeo rulz!

At these both days we had the chance to chat with a lot of people, but let us highlight the unexpected and nice at the same time visit of one of the members from the Graphics production and supervision of World Rally game from Gaelco, thanks to whom we could meet interesting data and corroborate some, as originally it was a Carlos Sainz licensed game but because the team change they had to put a Helmet instead, also that the game was programmed by Zigurat Studio from Madrid and the graphics were digitalized from real objects, for example, the snow was shaving foam, the Toyota was a model and the excavators, houses, etc were scaled real objects.
Tocando su obra

On Saturday night some of the A.R.C.A.D.E. members went to dinner with some associations and exhibitors, where Tomax_payne from RetroAlba told us that he could win our best Street Fighter 2 fighter easily, next day at morning we improvised a Street Fighter 2 challenge on the giant screen arcade of Factory Arcade, we almost kidnapped him and sited next to our best 3 players, but he was not intimidated under the environment pressure and there was no way to win, this will not end this way!
Pique SF2


Luckier was one of our members who won the Dodge Ball tournament, organized by Pixelsmansion and Factory Arcade.


There was not such luck at the other tournaments, but everybody enjoyed these for sure thanks to the good work from the organizers Pixelmansion and all the people that organized events, we unfortunately we couldn’t attend any of their events but they did a great effort to entertain the visitors. Congratulations for an impeccable organization.


Who could not attend, we encourage you to come to the next event we attend, we will take some surprises that make us remember the old arcades.

See you!


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