Faithful to our competitive spirit, in A.R.C.A.D.E. We like to test the skill in arcade games. After our first tournament in Super Street Fighter 2: The new challengers; Played a sports tournament. So, on Saturday, July 2, members of our association and supporters of the retro arcade culture were cited for passionate elbow-to-elbow duels in the classic NEO-GEO sports games: Supersidekicks, Street Hoop and Windjammers.

The mechanics of the tournament consisted of an eliminatory table for each game. 27 intrepid gamers had to surpass 3 rounds, more to win in the semifinal and in the end to be the winner of the game. According to the position in each table, points were awarded for the overall ranking that would erect the great champion of the tournament.

The tournament started around 16:30, the 3 recres did not stop all afternoon, as 26 games were played in each machine to close all three tables. The rounds flowed at a good pace, in general the participants were attentive to their turns. There were shouts of victory, despair, astonishment … Moments of tension, outbursts, … What has been a tournament with healthy competitiveness, good people and very good.




In the final of the brilliant Supersidekicks, two partners of A.R.C.A.D.E., Fife and Daviddamm, disputed an adjusted end that Fife took for very little. Rene won the match for 3rd and 4th place at ChukiRas.

The most exciting final was the basket game, Street Hoop. The same finalists of the game of soccer were also challenged in this juegazo. After 3 mind-blowing extensions that delighted the crowd, Daviddamm beat Fife in a memorable final. The bronze match was also played by two partners; Mr. Blender was not able to get Jona.

And this last one, Jona, disputed the end of the fast and frantic Windjammers against a server, Putxy. Based on concentration, reflexes and patience I took my gold medal to beat Jona in an arduous confrontation.

The first 3 of each game received a “medal” of gold, silver and bronze; Plates with the logo of each game and the background gold, silver or bronze.


Los 3 primeros tambien recibieron una camiseta conmemorativa del torneo. Y camisetas con el logo del evento del 4º al 8º




With everything disputed it only needed to add the points of each player and check the final classification: 1st20 points, 2nd 15 points, 3rd 12 points, 4th 9 points, 5th-8th 4 points.

1st Daviddamm 44 points
2nd Fife 35 points
3rd Jona 25 points
4th Putxy 24 points
5th Rene 20 points
6th Sito 12 points
7th ChkyRas 9 points
7th Mr. Blender 9 points
9th Evil-Ryu 8 points
9th Murshus 8 points
11th Arutha 4 points
11th Sikus 4 points
11th Saiyan 4 points
11th Junker 4 points
11th Zeratul 4 points
16th Jordi35 0 points
16th Uree 0 points
16th Yojmai 0 points
16th Dani GMX 0 points
16th Urien 0 points
16th Chrono 0 points
16th Neovico 0 points
16th Hugo 0 points
16th Supreme 0 points
16th Inluzon 0 points
16th Kikeland 0 points

It is only thanks to those who attended the good atmosphere that reigned all afternoon, and to the organization its entire dedication.

We hope to be able to set up another interesting tournament soon enough.

Written by David Pujado (Putxy)


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