Pinball fans of A.R.C.A.D.E. We did not have enough with the overdose of Silla steel balls. This hobby has been very strong to a few partners and this time we were 7, one more, those who went to the eighth edition of TMAP, the Pinball Madrid Tournament, played on 14 and 15 May


On Friday the 13th we start the long journey to the center of the peninsula, which with a few talks of video games and pinballs is shorter. We arrived at night expectantly to what we expected the next day …

We go to the game area where we find pinballs of Stern’s latest models such as “Game of Thrones”, “KISS”, “Star Trek”, “Metallica”, “AC-DC” and the latest release: Expected “Ghostbusters”. All machines fast, new, precious and spectacular in sound and lighting; A joy for the senses. If we add “Theater of Magic”, “White Water”, “NBA Fastbreak”, “Spiderman”, “Tales from the Crypt”, “Addams Family”, “Getaway” Dose of classic pinballs to each one better, plus the modern and classic pinballs in free play we have …
The paradise of flippers !!!



The challengers were divided into four groups of 16 and a match had to be made in a modern machine and another in a classic against each of the 15 opponents of the group. Every half hour Alex’s effective whistle marked the start of each round. I take off my hat with how well the tournament flowed; The paper with the list that we had each of our group marked the time, with whom and to what machine was to play. It also helped a lot that the appliances were very thin; I do not remember that any failed. A 10!
The tournament took place with the charm that has us accustomed these events; Enthusiastic talks between game and game commenting the disputed duels and making accounts of the games won that would allow him in each group to pass round. Each one disputed 30 duels, plus the matches in the machines of the zone of free play; Countless games on a magical Saturday that we will forget.
This time three partners of A.R.C.A.D.E. Karakandao in modern more Paco and Putxy in classics.
Sunday 15 was the day of the final rounds and the ‘mini-torneos’; The latter were:
– Make the maximum score in the “Roadshow” two players one on each button. The pair formed by Julio and Rayo.

-Maximum score in the “Flinstones” with a black cardboard glued to the glass in the area of ​​the flippers (with a hole in the middle of about 10 centimeters in diameter, which showed very little). Julio won.

– Perform the best score in the “Demolition man” only using the triggers that come at the top of the buttons, with the rom Demolition Time 0.99. This one took Santy14.

-Game mini-game: Best match in the Galaxians of growing ship (Recreativos Franco). Pipo, of course.
Curious ways to play that made the morning more relaxed for those who did not have to compete.

Of course, on Sunday was the free play area much more tight, and there was the longed for “Ghostbusters”, did not stop for a second, there was queue to give him cane, as expected … We were among the first to throw a Partiditas More “Lord of the Rings”, “World cup 94”, “Popeye”, “Champion Pub”, “Twilight Zone”, “Creature from the Black Lagoon”; And many more modern and classic stung us again and again.


The three partners of A.R.C.A.D.E. Classified could not climb more rounds, the level was very high, we settle for having spent a dream weekend between flippers, steel balls and good friends.

Following the results and winners of the tournaments:

Tournament of classics, the final was played in the Bumper of Billport

1st APE 637,910 points
2nd Gabrielo 600,910 points
3rd Vic 363,180 points
4th Shh-ware 280,920 points
Modern tournament, the final was played in the Ghostbusters Pro

1st Juaney 98,486,930 points
2nd Inderman 44,805,800 points
3rd Gabrielo 15,884,920 points
4th Lucky Luke 13,264,820 points

You just have to say goodbye and thank the great organization work of the friends of A.U.M.A.P. In “La Millonaria”. Thank you very much to all.

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